Life is a rough piece of business.
To be happy, you have to fight like hell for it.

The Fellowship of Fortuna puts a dime on 'chance.' When we talk about Luck, we start talking about choice. Through a study of history, philosophy, religion, art, sports and our human nature, the FoF has a better bead on life, love and having the best time we can. It's a simple formula for like-minded people.

Better Than 'Leave every place better than you found it. Leave everyone better for the encounter.'
My Nose/Your Fist You get what you give. If you give Grief, you get back Grief x10. If you give respect, you get respect. So easy yet so difficult.
Be Fortunate. Think gratefully. Simply, if you look at everything as awesome, Good Luck happens. It works surprisingly well.
Laugh 'Laughter oxygenates the soul.' Who can argue?

Every club needs a figurehead and Fortuna, the ancient Roman goddess of Luck, is ours. She's a vixen.