by Gordy Grundy


To all F.A.Q.:

1) To this day, I have not met the person, or persons, calling oneself the 'Viceroy of the Western States (of Mind).'
I still don't know why I was picked. I believe the Viceroy had something to do with the whole 'visitation' thing that became 'The Creation Story.'[See link below]

2) I have never been given a way to contact the Viceroy. Many of you have sent me questions and interview requests for the Viceroy. At this time, I have no way to pass along this info. Please stop sending gifts; they will be deposited with the charity of our choice.

3) Approximately once a month, I receive some sort of communication from the Viceroy. The instructions are detailed, so far mostly relating to the building of this vast website, the store and

3a) The method of communication changes constantly. The Viceroy has never used the same e-mail address twice. I tried to track the IP addresses and it all proved to be dead-ends.

3b) Once a message came in the form of a carrier pigeon. It was a real surprise and a bloody commotion trying to fend off this attacking bird. Suffice to say, it’s hard to see that little note taped on the bird's leg. We laugh about it now.

3c) Anyway, the Viceroy’s messages are elaborate, from throwaway cell phones to electronic voices and vanishing notepaper. For awhile, I was obsessed. I tried to investigate and track it down with no success.
After struggling with it, I am now resigned to accept the mystery. The good far outweighs the strange. I gladly do as I am told.
Now I focus on the great ideas and wild plans for the Fellowship of Fortuna.

4) I have not evidenced any indication if the Viceroy is a man, a woman or a cat. Clues, one way or the other, counter themselves.

5) I'm honored to be chosen the Messenger, but this whole thing has consumed my life. I don't know why I was chosen. I have never been paid. I've used up all my savings. And, happily, I think I'd do it all over again.

"In this Life, Luck is the only level playing field."


Gordy Grundy
September 2010


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