Letter To The Editor, 9-28-05

Dear Editor:

Elaine Wolff’s Do ya feel lucky? is very well written. Her setup of the notion of Fortune is engaging and interesting, spurring one to know more about the specifics she mentions which read like a litany of No No from the Gospel of Po Mo. Honestly, her piece is extremely thought provoking regarding various notions of democracy, the distribution of wealth, the open society, fate, karma, on and on --- the list of intriguing avenues to consider is endless and the fact that her ideas are not presented in a linear manner makes for a very pleasure-filled read. She loses her focus however when she makes a leap of ill logic from Gordy’s intent to Linda’s award, as if to say his “joy and sincerity” must certainly be ironic since he means to give Linda an award for being a Paragon of The Arts (as if she doesn’t deserve it). The implication is that he can’t possibly mean any of it, since clearly he can’t mean that. Problem is, he does mean it. Gordy joins a growing phalanx of artists who are impatient with or completely done with the hypocritical nature of Post Modern discourse which claims the equivalence of all values while simultaneously claiming the ascendancy of its own. Furthermore, Do ya feel lucky?, is written as if unaware of the simple fact that Gordy’s honest intent to honor Linda is also linked to his desire to sell the piece to one of Artpace’s many patrons and donate the entire $3000 to the future of Sala Diaz (see the list of works posted in the gallery). Elaine’s implication that there is something servile in Gordy’s gesture is just plain wrong. He is only resourceful and generous (OK, and cheeky), and obsequiousness doesn’t at all rhyme with queasiness. Queasy rhymes better with easy and that is what her pre-parting shot is.

If I may also be permitted a closing: San Antonio does need critics and writers who are not afraid to let their opinions rip. This role is necessary for any real conversation to take place. Right now, the best candidate for the job is Elaine Wolff. She should be encouraged as long as she doesn’t let interpersonal dislikes color her views.

Hills Snyder, Director/Curator
Sala Diaz
517 Stieren
San Antonio, TX 78210
(210) 695 5132