Excerpted from a speech delivered to the Rather European Secular Council by
Muk McKaylee, Emperor, Western States

"...There is a deep and meaningful philosophical core to the Fellowship of Fortuna. Due to the time limitations of our program today and the imminent start of Happy Hour, we will gloss over the glory and focus on the sizzle.

In brief, as you know, Fortuna celebrates the only thing that unites every human being, Luck. Sometimes good or sometimes bad, we all have Luck. Every lucky fun-lover needs an icon and Fortuna, the Roman Goddess of Luck is the inspiration for ours. Fortuna is a vixen.

The members of the Fellowship of Fortuna, known as The Fortunates, are an active and involved bunch. Collectively, they have several things in common. All tend to be quite bright. All have a keen interest in learning. All strive for the experience.
A collective of engineers and marketing types who call themselves The Continuum, are dedicated to the swing of Fortuna's sword. With physics, probability and statistics, they are trying to quantify Chance.

The Flaming Fortune, our car club, is aptly named. Restoring a car costs a fortune and all of the vehicles have the ability to shoot flames from their tail pipes. This is dangerous and illegal, so we try and turn a blind eye.
Our sports teams win most titles in their leagues. These men and women, the Falcons of Fortuna, are scoring trophies in volleyball, skateboarding, boxing, basketball, billiards, dragstrip racing and water polo. We have a surf squad, SurFortuna, but they've never turned in any paperwork.
There is talk of a sailing team.

Our cheerleading squad, the Frisky Fortunettes are so compelling that a network wants to devote an entire cable channel to their reality show.

Unlike other social institutions, our Fortuna has a high threshold for joy, fun and frivolity. Laughter figures prominently into the lifestyle.
Our 'Big Sunday Luck Up' is rather entertaining and fast moving. Music, skit comedy and the 'Fly-Fortunes' are a part of the program. As they say in Fortuna slang, it's "Hey-Fortunato!"

The Skulls of Fortuna, a Mod-Goth-Punk styled support group, generates most of our customs and rituals.

Our premiere service group is the High Flyin' Libertines. The HFL travel alot. Lavish, first class trips feature brilliant speakers and a gourmet taste bud. Despite the rumors and tawdry tales, it really is a study group.

On the deeper issues of Life, the Fellowship of Fortuna has a doctrine, "The Massive Missive" which is currently being written by the Plumes of Fortuna, a forward-thinking bunch of radical intellectuals who can't agree on anything except how to have a good time.

The Massive Missive (or in cult slang, the Double M) is heavily footnoted with references to the work of Umberto Eco, Jean Beaudrillard and Groucho Marx. Art-centric, Fellowship influences can be found in Minimalism, the Hyper-Realities and an aggressive freedom that can be won only through our trademarked brand of Neo-Nihilism. Plus, it's free.

The FoF is open to all and discriminates against none.
May Fortuna Swing Favorably With You!"

Western States



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