As a conceptual artwork, Fortuna is, without the verbiage of academia, simply a notion that makes you feel good.
The final show in the trilogy, LUCKY FORTUNA DAILY, is a new media website aimed at the general public.

The premise of LUCKY FORTUNA DAILY is simple: Walk In, Dance Out. Everytime you visit this daily site, you will feel better, smarter and happier for the experience. We will spotlight a series of columns and features, designed to build an audience with original content, humor and a good idea. Your words or images will make our soddy lives a little bit better.

Content: A good idea. Something helpful or educational. Inspiring. Amusing. Fun. Lifestyle. Arty.
Content does not have to be topical. No political opinion whatsoever.
This is aimed at the general public, not an art audience. (Remember, in journalism school, they teach you to write for a 5th Grader.)
Articles are short, designed as a fast read.

Send ideas, outlines, samples or finished work to: